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Please call Ikaho Spa & Resort Tourism Association for more information about Ikaho at the above number. We cannot answer your questions by email.

Inquiries: Shibukawa Ikaho Spa & Resort Tourism Association
Phone: 0279-72-3151
FAX: 0279-72-4452
Address: 541-4 Ikaho-machi, Shibukawa-shi, Gunma 377-0102
Open-air bath run by the Association: 0279-72-2488
Tourist information on recorded messages: 0279-72-3136

Shibukawa Ikaho Spa and Resort Tourism Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) aims at facilitating the development of tourism business at local, national, and global levels by promoting its internationalization and international interchange activities and in order to serve the public welfare.

Our Business

1. To develop and implement plans to ensure steady growth of its tourism business
2. To improve, enhance, and control operation and maintenance of tourist facilities
  in Ikaho
3. To protect the fountainhead of Ikaho onsen, oversee the intake and sharing of
  the onsen waters, and develop potential tourism resources for utilization by
  the Association
4. To train and educate personnel in tourism industry in Ikaho
5. To promote and advertise tourist attractions in Ikaho
6. To conserve and nurture indigenous culture of Ikaho
7. To develop appealing local produce and souvenirs for promotion to tourists
8. To supervise how the hotels and Japanese inns in Ikaho receive school trip guests
9. To promote international tourism in Ikaho as well as interchange activities
  by the Association in order to attract more domestic and overseas guests
10. To undertake any business necessary to accomplish the purpose of the Association