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Inquiries: Shibukawa Ikaho Spa & Resort Tourism Association
Phone: 0279-72-3151
FAX: 0279-72-4452
Address: 541-4 Ikaho-machi, Shibukawa-shi, Gunma 377-0102
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Stone steps

The Chinese zodiac
More than 200 years ago, 12 inns called Ooya were operating alongside Ikaho’s landmark stone steps.
They were named after the Chinese zodiac signs, which became a family emblem for each of these inns.
You’ll find these 12 zodiac signs inscribed on a plate and placed on present-day stone steps.

Original Onsen Manju or Sweet Bean Paste Buns

You'll see onsen manju virtually every spa resort in Japan.
Did you know that Ikaho is the originator of those brownish sweet bean paste buns?

Komaguchi through which onsen waters diverge

Komaguchi is where fountainhead onsen waters diverge into different directions.
There are four Komaguchi alongside the stone steps, and you can see the onsen waters running.

Play Hall where both children and adults can have fun

There are play halls such as shooting gallery alongside the stone steps.
Please drop in to enjoy yourself when you are in Ikaho with your family.

A poem inscribed on the stone steps

You'll find a poem by Akiko YOSANO (1878-1942) inscribed on the stone steps.
Akiko YOSANO is one of the many intellectuals who loved to stay in Ikaho.

Geisha Girls

Geisha girls are the glamour of Ikaho Spa Resort.
They are professionals who make parties a success with their performance.
They clad in Japanese beautiful traditional costume.
They know how to make their guests feel at home with their smiles and conversations.

Okami or the house mistress, who runs ryokan or a Japanese Inn

Of late, the presence of an okami in a ryokan has become greater than ever before.
Okami in the olden days usually worked backstage and seldom made their appearance.
In recent years, however, okami are getting media attention.
Some have become a popular figure and are called Meibutsu okami or specialty okami.