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Ikaho's Four Seasons

Ikaho is well known for its beautiful nature.
Come and indulge yourself in this rich nature!

Ikaho is known for its beautiful plum, peach, and cherry trees.
Cherry blossoms bloom gradually from the bottom to the top of
the mountain which enables people to enjoy the cherry blossoms for a long time.
In May, Azalea is in full bloom and there is a tunnel made with 6 different kinds of azalea.

The Ikaho Forest Park (Shinrin Park) is where you can enjoy the alpine plants, fireflies, and other wild animals such as flying squirrels.

The autumn leaves are splendid in Ikaho.
The mountains change colors of their leaves which makes the scenery even more stunning.

The snow-covered mountains, the white steam coming from the hot springs, and the Ice Skating Link are very popular in Ikaho.
The snow compliments the color of the bridges and shrines painted in red.

The great view of the nature

The view of Ikaho is so beautiful that it makes people happy
even when they feel down.
Ikaho's awesome scenery is absolutely a worth seeing.

Ikaho Gallery

Uenoyama Park
Uenoyama Park
Mt. Haruna
Lake Haruna