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Onsen Town and its Development

Ikaho's reputation as a good spa resort is widely known. It is written in an old document that onsen waters were welling up in Ikaho, confirming Ikaho's long history.

Golden and Silver Onsen Waters

Golden Waters
Ikaho Spa & Resort offers two different types of onsen waters: Kogane-no-yu or golden waters and shirogane-no-yu or silver waters. Originally, however, Ikaho only had golden waters, which are known for its distinctive color. Iron contained in onsen waters turn to reddish brown after being exposed to air and getting oxidized. People started to call them golden waters. Golden waters are gentle to the skin and improve blood circulation, which works out well for women who want to conceive a child. It's also said to be effective to cure ilnesses and injuries, therefore, has long been a popular therapy onsen.

Silver Onsen Waters
Silver onsen waters were found only recently. Discharging 110 liters per minute, they were named after the transparent color. The silver waters are known for effects on recuperating from illnesses, relieving fatigue, and improving health. Today, guests can enjoy two excellent onsen waters at Ikaho.

Onsen Bathing Manners & Effective Bathing Method

When it comes to bathing in onsen, the basic rules are that you put hot water on your body to rinse before getting into the bathtub, since the hot water in the bathtub is shared among many people, and you don't bring your towels in the bathtub.

Drinking a glass of water after bathing speeds up the metabolism and also supplies water to your body.
When you are in bathtub, keep your shoulders above waters and stay there a little longer than you think you should in order to truly warm your body and perspire freely, both of which are effective to lose weight.


・Spring Quality
Sulfate Onsen
Originally, the onsen waters were transparent. They turn reddish brown, however, after being exposed to air because they contain iron.

・Indication for onsen bathing
Neuralgia, mustle ache, joint ache, frozen shoulder, paralysis, stiff joint, bruise, sprained ankle, chronic digestive organ diseases, hemorrhoid, having poor circulation, relieving fatigue, improving health, cuts, burns, arterial sclerosis, chronic skin diseases, high blood pressure, naturally frail body

Pure metasilicic acid onsen waters contain only a fraction thereof, making the onsen waters free of any color, odor and therefore good for older people as well as those who are recovering from ilnesses.

Recuperating from illnesses, relieving fatigue, improving health

Contraindication to onsen bathing

Acute medical conditions, especially with high fever, active tuberculosis, malignant tumor, severe heart disorder, respiratory failure, kidney failure, bleeding disorder, severe anemia, and other advancing illnesses, pregnant women, especially those in early and later stages.

Onsen that helps conceive a child

In the Edo Era (1603-1867), Ikaho became known as the onsen that helps women conceive a child. It was found from an old document of the time that women with infertility problem were treated by washing their uterus. Female guests seems to have been the overwhelming majority at Ikaho then.