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What is power spots (historical places)?

Power spots are spiritual and sacred places where it is believed that people feel supernatural energy and receive the grace of god. Visiting those places and receiving the blessings are believed to be a good luck for success in business, finance, and relationships.

Ikaho Shrine

The stone steps of Ikaho is one of the most famous spots in Ikaho.
It is made with more than 360 stone steps

Once you are on the top of the steps, there is Ikaho Shrine.
It is so quiet and peaceful there.

Mizusawa Kannon

Inside of the Mizusawa Kannon has an exotic atmosphere filled with the smell of burned incense.
The Chinese zodiac signs are decorated on the walls of Mizusawa Kannon.

The water coming from Mizusawa Kannon's fountain is considered having a miraculous power for making peoples' wishes come true.
Many people from all over the country visit the fountain and bring the water home for different purposes.

Kajika Bridge

Kajika bridge is known for the scenery of beautiful autumn leaves.
Kajika bridge is also believed to have spiritual power.