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Ikaho, where your onsen fantasies become a reality

Mizusawa Temple

Mizusawa Temple is where the 16th Bando Sanjusan Kannon is worshipped by many people all over the country. There are many udon noodle restaurants around Mizusawa Temple.

Lake Haruna

Lake Haruna, because of its cool summer temperature, is loved as a summer get-away location by many people.
The place contains camping areas, tennis courts, and ropeways.
You can go sightseeing by riding on a horse-drawn carriages!
When the lake gets frozen, people enjoy ice skating or icefishing on it.

Mizusawa Street of Udon or Wheat Noodle Shops

Mizusawa udon noodle is one of the most famous udon noodles in Japan. There are many udon stores around Mizusawa Kannon.

Ikaho Shrine

Ikaho Shrine is located on the top of the stone steps.
It was built approximately 1186 years ago.

Stone steps

Ikaho is best known for the stone steps , which are lead up through the town center and are lined by Japanese style hotels and souvenir shops.

Ikaho Sekisho

"Ikaho Sekisho" used to function as a checkpoint on the roads a long time ago.
The gate and the inside of "Sekisho" are recreated for people to understand how it used to be.

Vacation House of Hawaii Kingdom's Minister

This vacation house is the only building related to Hawaii Kingdom in Japan.
There is a photo gallery of Japanese and Hawaiian history inside of the house.

Kajika Bridge

Kajika Bridge is one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Ikaho.
The bridge is an arched bridge painted in beautiful red.
The view of the autumn leaves and the red of the bridge is absolutely gorgeous.

Ikaho Ropeway

Ikaho Ropeway takes you all the way up to altitude 932m on the
mountain in approximately 4 minutes.
On the top of the mountain, people enjoy the beautiful view of Mt. Akagi and Tanigawadake.

Ikaho Green Bokujo (Farm)

Ikaho Green Farm provides fun events throughout a year.
The animals in Sheep Dog Show and Duck race are absolutely adorable. They provide classes to teach how to milk cows and make homemade butter.
At the stores, they sell ice cream made with fresh milk which tastes delicious.
People enjoy feeding and patting animals as well.