About Ikaho Onsen


It is a healing hot spring that will never change.Please have a relaxing and enjoy.

Kogane no yu

Fountain quality

Sulfate fountain … originally colorless and transparent, but because it contains iron, it turns brown when it comes into contact with air.


Neuralgia, muscle pain, arthralgia, frozen shoulder, joint paralysis, joint stiffness, furrow, whipple, chronic gastrointestinal disease, hemorrhoids, coldness, recovery from illness, recovery from fatigue, health promotion, galling, burns, arteriosclerosis, chronic Skin disease, frail constitution, hypertension

Shirogane no yu

Fountain quality

Metasilicic acid simple fountain … Because it contains trace amounts of ingredients, it is colorless and transparent, odorless and odorless, suitable for elderly people and those after illness.


Recovery period after illness, recovery from fatigue, health promotion

Bath Contraindications

Acute illness (especially in the presence of fever) · active tuberculosis · malignant tumor · heavy heart disease · respiratory failure · renal failure · hemorrhagic disorder · advanced anemia, other general diseases undergoing disease, pregnancy And the last term)

Kodakara no yu

In the Edo era Ikaho became known as “Kodakara no yu”.According to the data at the time, it seems that the uterus washing machine was used to treat infertility, and it seems that there was a lot of lady passengers overwhelmingly.