About Ikaho Onsen

A rich natural wonderland enveloping Ikaho

In Ikaho held in grand nature, I can feel the affair very closely. Please feel the wonderful thing being that there is everything as it is.

Four seasons of Ikaho

Enjoy the great nature of Ikaho’s open feeling! Please hit the “Bells of the Lonely Supper” of two people by all means with a “crushing deck” recommended for a couple!

Ikaho's water

Water is the life itself for people. Such valuable water is very familiar to Ikaho. Ikaho’s spot in Ikaho’s water spots will be introduced.

Healing green

Plants can be healed just by looking at them. It is very effective for tiredness of the heart. I will introduce the spot where Ikaho rests.

A view of the nature

If you see a magnificent view, you can also take a little scabbage that you could make in your mind, and your feelings will be very light. Please enjoy the view of the Ikaho boast. In case