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Shibukawa Ikaho-Onsen Hands-Free Travel

It is a support system you can check your baggage at Shibukawa-Ekimae plaza and pick it up at your hotel on the same day.
So, you can enjoy sightseeing comfortably!

Reception place

Shibukawa-Ekimae plaza
             Address: 1832-27, Shibukawa, Shibukawa-shi,
377-0008, Japan
   Phone number: 0279-26-2423
  Reception time:  9:00 am ~2:00 pm
     Business day: open all year round
                               except January 1
 Delivery charge: 500 yen per baggage
     Delivery time: Around 4:30 pm on the day
Acceptable size:
Total dimensions(L+W+H)must be within  160cm and it must   weigh 25kg or less
Content of compensation
The maximum amount of liability for TA-Q-BIN is 300,000 yen.
Also, we cannot handle dangerous goods, letters, money,
 securities and other items listed below.
In addition, others depend on the TA-Q-BIN Termsand Conditions.
※TA-Q-BIN is YAMATO  TRANSPORT’s home delivery service.

Things that cannot be sent

・cash, check, stock certificate
・credit card, cash card
・important documents such as passport
・original drawing, tape, film
・pets such as dogs, cats, birds
・poisonous and deleterious substances including batteries that containing it
・cremated remains, memorial tablets
・guns and swords including multipurpose knifes
・fire works, fuel oil, gas-cylinder
・baggage that over 300,000 yen
・unsanitary items
・baggage that violated the law, public order, and      morals 

Pick up your baggage

We deliver your baggage to your hotel around 4:30 pm
and you can pick it up at the front desk.

Relieve the weariness of the travel by soaking Ikaho-Onsen!