About Ikaho Onsen

The thought to be over 400 years history

The history of Ikaho, famous as a hot spring resort, is old and has been crowded with many hot spring customers. What is known as its symbol is a stone stairway that stretches out like aiming for heaven. Now that number 365 steps! There is a feeling that makes you feel history.

Historic hot springs, Ikaho. A stone steps city that continues to be loved

A stone stair is a symbol of Ikaho. Souvenir shops, bunny shops and play areas are lined up with stone steps, and the spirit of the hot springs is plentifully appealing to the travelers of the tourists.

At the beginning of Ikaho Onsen which dates back 400 years ago, stone steps were made at this time. The current stone steps have been remodeled over a period of 5 years from 1980, with granite stones laid.

I thought it was put in 365 steps

In Ikaho Onsen, which has long been popular since ancient times, we established a stone stairway in 2010 and it became 365 stages. “Yu-taki” where plazas and hot spring water flows are also set up, and became familiar to Ikaho which is even more familiar than ever. This stone stair contains a wish of prosperity that “I want a spa town to be crowded for 365 days a year.”

Enjoy the stone steps streets


In the stone steps street there are 12 hot spring inns called the landlords over 200 years ago, and the zodiac sign had meaning like each family crest. The sign of the zodiac sign has been stamped on the stone step now in the place where the inn is located. Take a leisurely stroll down the stone steps to find your own zodiac.

Original ancestry! Hot spring bun

What do you imagine like a hot spring bun with everyone? It is brown and it looks delicious like a glossy shimmer. In hot spring spas nationwide, it is almost always a hot spring manju to see. That brown hot spring manju is actually the place where Ikaho Onsen originated here! Ikaho’s Yunohana Manju became known all over the country as a result of being chosen as a devoted item to the Emperor.

Shizen-machi hot spring spot

I am happy with my tired feet as I climbed the stone steps, and I can enjoy foot baths with ease. Also there is hot water of stone step which used stone used for stone steps before as a paving stone near, and can not be satisfied by footbath! It is recommended for anyone who wants!


Komaguchi is what branches the source flowing from Yumoto. In the stone steps street there are four small mouths in all, you can see how the hot spring flows in.

A playground where both adults and children can enjoy

Ishidai There is a playground such as shooting in the streets. Speaking of hot-spring towns, it’s all right! There were dozens of shooting fields in the past, and it was familiar to visitors of sightseeing. Please drop in when you come to Ikaho. Everyone in the family can enjoy it.

Poem carved in stone steps

Poems of Yosano Akiko, inscribed as poet and poet, are engraved. Please also look for this along with the zodiac. There is a tasteful atmosphere, which makes the journey excitement.