Tourism course

We prepared a model course to enjoy Ikaho in full glory. 
Ikaho’s “We want to keep it here” recommendation spot 
is introduced according to common situations . Why do not you plan a nice sightseeing plan only by referring to these?

Recommended for couples!
Ikaho enjoying walking walks and cars

Enjoy the great nature of Ikaho’s open feeling! Please hit the “Bells of the Lonely Supper” of two people by all means with a “crushing deck” recommended for a couple!

Recommended for families!
4 hour course carefully at family

We prepared a course which all the family can enjoy. Please take time to enjoy the wonders of Ikaho and Ikaho emotion.

Perfect for children!
Course that your family can enjoy

It is a course that children can enjoy Ikaho without getting bored at traveling destinations. Let’s all together and play together!

Recommended for your father!
Walking walk 2 hours course

It is the perfect course for your dad who is tired of working normally. A little at the stone steps tower filled with Ikaho emotion between hot spring visits. It is a relaxing plan that Ikaho can relax and enjoy.

About the guide

We are offering sightseeing guides to customers visiting Ikaho Onsen for the purpose of letting them know the charm of unique histories and cultures such as sightseeing spots and historical sites as hot springs and bringing back more memories. 
To ensure that customers will not get bored, and to be glad that they came to Ikaho, each member will guide innovation! 
Requests from customers are also welcome. 
We will also tell you about “Yokocho Guide” which is not well-known in the local area, commemorative photo spot and so on.