Tourism course

Dad's hot spring and drinking luxury cruising course

It is a model course for my father who is working hard all the time. We will introduce you how to enjoy Ikaho, centering on hot spring exploration and sake!

Speaking of hot springs, sake! 3 and half hour course for father

Ikaho Rotenbuku → Yumoto Kawaga Bridge → Ikaho Shrine → Stone steps walk around → Enjoy the inn's hot spring

Ikaho Rotenbukuro

Public bath that you can taste the hot spring of source sprinkling. The round tub is divided in half, hot water on the left side is hot and lukewarm on the right side. In the spring, azalea flowers in the middle of the bathtub will bloom and in autumn the autumn leaves of the maple, you can enjoy the taste throughout the four seasons.

Yumoto Kawaga Bridge

A red painted bridge bridge near the source of Ikaho hot spring. In autumn, Maple, Maple, Tsunugi, Noisy etc all at once, you can enjoy wonderful autumn leaves. At the time of autumn leaves, we are making a light up every year and it is known as a "sightseeing of autumnal leaves at night".

Ikaho Shrine

A historic shrine famous as the Ueno country Sannomiya with Tsuyoka Shonen Shrine and Akagi Shinko shrine. The god of deity is a hot spring · medical god. Sweet sake is also served on New Year's Eve and many visitors come. It is located in a place that climbed stone steps city, and it is believed as a symbol of Ikaho.

Walking around Ishidan

Stone steps hot water in feet tired with stone steps
Main street of Ikaho spa town. Onside of the stone steps, hot spring ryokan, souvenir shop, shooting shop and so on line up, plenty of hot spring emotion.  I am gently wrapping the tired body on the way back from Ikaho Shrine which climbed stone steps.
A lot of bathing up is exceptional!
A liquor store in the middle of the stone steps and a lot of choppers! It is a time of bliss after spitting on hot springs. Please enjoy relax and Ikaho emotion.
Fun and shining unique to hot-spring resort
One representative of how to enjoy the hot spring town, it is shiny. In addition, various shops such as a ring throw and a big bow line up. Please enjoy it for yourself indeed.

Return to the inn and enjoy the hot water of Ikaho

One of the pleasures of traveling is the bath of a hotel no matter what. It is a hot spring of Ikaho to relieve the tiredness of the day. Relax relaxingly while remembering the events of the day's trip today.

Great satisfaction with delicious cuisine and alcohol at hotel

Here is the main event of the day, delicious food and delicious sake. Ikaho no Yoru unique hot-spring resort has a feeling of opening that you can not taste in your everyday life. How about a luxurious day like this once in a lifetime?