About Shibukawa Ikaho Onsen Tourism Association

Outline of group

Organization name: Shibukawa Ikaho Onsen Tourism Association
Representative: Chairman Takahiro Omori
Address: Ikaho, Ikaho-cho, Shibukawa-shi, Gunma Prefecture 541-4
TEL: 0279-72-3151


  • June 15th, 18th Meiji 18 Received guidance from Dr. Belt of German, established as an improved control office for guidance on bathing time and time for each bather, improving facilities, enriching.
  • Meiji 21 Changed to Ikaho spa site regulation office. After that it was renamed Hot Spring Ball Association Control Office.
  • July 1, 1945  Reorganized into a tourism association of Ikaho Onsen.
  • February 1, 1945  Transfer to the Ikaho Onsen Tourist Association that is approved by the Minister of Transportation.
  • May 30, Heisei 24 The Ikaho Hot Spring Tourism Association and the Shibukawa Tourist Association merged, and together with the reform of the public interest corporation system, it was reorganized / transferred to the Shibukawa Ika Keiko Onsen Tourist Association.


This association aims to contribute to public welfare by deepening internationalization and foreign exchange by deepening the healthy development of the tourism business of Shibukawa general with Ikaho hot spring as its nucleus.

Business contents

  • 1. Establishment of research research plan and implementation thereof to contribute to sound development of tourism project
  • 2. Improvement, enhancement, maintenance and operation of tourist facilities
  • 3. Protection of fountain of Ikaho hot spring, maintenance of hot water and hot water and other development and utilization of tourism resources
  • 4. Guidance and development of tourism-related vendors
  • 5. Introduction and promotion of sightseeing spots
  • 6. Preservation and nurturing of local culture
  • 7. Improvement and introduction of tourism goods
  • 8. Guidance of the inn in accepting school trips
  • 9. Promotion of international tourism and promotion of international exchange, as well as guests from domestic and foreign travelers
  • 10. Other necessary business to achieve the purpose of this association

Director list (director / auditor)

- Reelection on March 1, 2019 -

Takahiro Omori
 Ikaho Onsen Ryokan Cooperative Association Director

Seiji Sekiguchi
 Ikaho Onsen Ryokan Cooperative Association Director
Shigeru Morita
 Ikaho Onsen Ryokan Cooperative Association Director
Hiroshi Ishihara
 Vice Chairman of Shibukawa Commerce Association

Shigenao Saki 
 Vice Chairman, Ikaho Onsen Ryokan Cooperative Association

Nobuaki Ito
 Academic expert

Kouji Matsumoto
 Ikaho Onsen Ryokan Cooperative Association Director
Tomohide Fukuda
 Ikaho Onsen Ryokan Cooperative Association Director
Michihiro Kobayashi
 Ikaho Onsen Ryokan Cooperative Association Director
Hideki Takahashi
 Ikaho Onsen Ryokan Cooperative Association President
Yukihisa Kimura
 Ikaho Onsen Ryokan Cooperative Association Director
Shichiko Tsukagoshi
 Ikaho Onsen Ryokan Cooperative Association Director
Sanemon Chiaki
 Finance · Transport · Photography · Construction · Barber Association Recommendation (academic expert)
Kunihiko Matsuura
 Massage cooperative association chief
Noboru Itabashi
 Cooking Food and drink · First dining hall · Noodle shop business recommendation recommendation
Mabuchi Toshiyuki
 Branch shop union association chief
Junichi Ishihara
 Stone steps promotion recommendation
Naomichi Hara
 Shibukawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vice President
Kensuke Imai
 Shibukawa district product promotion association president

Takeshi Hisamoto
 Photographer union
Katsumi Okabe
 Vice Chairman, Ikaho Onsen Ryokan Cooperative Association

Inquiries regarding sightseeing and accommodation

Shibukawa Shibukawa Ikaho Onsen Tourist Association General Association

TEL: 0279-72-3151 FAX: 0279-72-4452
〒 377-0102
Gunma Prefecture Shibukawa-shi Ikaho-cho 541-4

◆ (Directly Managed) Ikaho Rotenbu Bath
TEL: 0279-72-2488

※ For inquiries concerning sightseeing and accommodation of Ikaho Onsen, please contact the Tourist Association by phone. We can not respond to inquiries by e-mail, so please be forewarned.