About Ikaho Onsen

History of Ikaho Onsen

Ikaho’s hot spring is a very old history of hot water. I will introduce the history of hot spring resort that will continue to be loved even now.

How to enjoy hot springs

To encourage everyone to enjoy hot springs, introduce the knowledge of hot water baths! With this, you too are onsen!


Ikaho, known as a spa area. We will introduce the charm that will keep healing many travelers.

Ikaho's stone steps

The history of Ikaho, famous as a hot spring resort, is old and has been crowded with many hot spring customers. What is known as its symbol is the stone steps that are going up all the way aiming for the sky. Now that number 365 steps! There is a feeling that makes you feel history.

Ikaho emotion

I think that you can feel the Ikaho emotion very much there just by hanging around the stone steps in the leisurely yukata leave. 
I will introduce the charm of Ikaho filled with such atmosphere.

Nature of Ikaho

In Ikaho held in grand nature, I can feel the affair very closely. Please feel the wonderful thing being that there is everything as it is.

Ikaho's history, culture and art

Ikaho’s history is old, and Ikaho is sung in the Toho Songs of the Manyoshu, Ikaho in the Nara period can be considered. Ikaho at that time seems to have been called Ikaho, including the majority of Mt. Haruna in a wider range than the current area.