Tourism course

I want to see my child's smile! Let's be good for my child

I do not want time to move, I want to suppress here only to enjoy Ikaho! It is a reasonable plan that focused on sightseeing spots.

Children are also very satisfied! Smiley spillage 5 hour course

Shibukawa Skyland Park → Toy and dolls / car museum → Ikaho Ropeway → boat of Stick Named Lake → walking stone steps

Shibukawa Skyland Park or Green Farm

Skyland Park
An amusement park in the elevation of 460 m in altitude. From the top of the Ferris wheel with a height of 50 m, you can enjoy the best views, with views of the Kanto Plain and Tanigawake mountains and other Joetsu mountains.
Green ranch
Take a cow's milk directly and experience a milk crepe. The main participants are children, but of course adults do not mind. Basically, if you are lined up in the hall, you can experience everyone. When listening to the explanation of the staff, such as cattle introduction and squeezing, challenge one by one in turn! If you catch the trick, this one.

Toys and dolls / car museums

Exhibit old-fashioned toys, dolls and teddy bears by subject. A sweets store yokocho that reproduced the streets of Showa. A car museum exhibiting classic cars and famous cars of the past year. Showa Star Romantikan. Popular theme parks such as squirrels are fulfilling. Kids work land is open recently. It is a large compound museum that can satisfy you a lot, from couples, families to elderly people !!

Ikaho Ropeway

A ropeway connecting the Ikaho spa town and the Higashiyama summit peak. The 4th floor is the departure / arrival depot. The first floor is a tourist information office. The journey time is about 4 minutes. When I get off the train station, there are the Ikaho Skate Center and Kamiyama Park Observatory deck, which can see the surrounding mountains and the Kanto Plain.​

Boat name Lake boat

Various boats on Lake Haruna color the lake surface from early spring to autumn and am entertaining families shifts etc who have requested coolness on the cool plateau.

Walking around Ishidan

Main street of Ikaho spa town. Onside of the stone steps, hot spring ryokan, souvenir shop, shooting shop and so on line up, plenty of hot spring emotion. It also became the stage of Tokutomi Rika's novel "Akihiji", and in the middle of the stone steps is poetry of Yosano Akiko's "Ikaho no Machi" poetry engraved.