About Ikaho Onsen

How to enjoy hot springs

There are a couple of tips to enjoy the hot spring of Mei-chan Ikaho. You can enjoy Ikaho so much that you guys are very comfortable by protecting them and actually trying. Please try it as a reference.

How to enter Ikaho Onsen well

Effective way of entering manners when entering a hot spring

To wash away the body before entering the bathtub, not to put the towel into the bathtub is a basic manner. Drinking before and after entering the hot spring will promote metabolism in the body and will be hydrated in the boiling water. Also, do not immerse yourself to the shoulder, put the bottom down into the hot water in the half bath, slow bathing a little longer time, the body will warm up from the core and warm and sweat will come out so there is also a diet effect.

How to wear Yukata

What is the basic way of wearing?
Kimonos and yukata should not be wearing “left front”. The correct way to wear is to wear the right hand into the chest where they overlap. In other words, as you see from the side the right side downward overlaps the body on the left side, I think whether the left is the front after all, but this is right front. It is very confusing, but the way to the left is the way of the dead. It is correct to wear it as opposed to clothes, so that the right hand of the dominant hand is easy to enter into the pocket.
I try to wear it tightly

Men try to strap the belt at the waist position, and it is a stylish way to bring the knot to the back. Women have knots in front. Lift up a little in front of the hem of the overlapping body (right side), wear a small collar to wear the back collar from the neck so that it can float (remove the clothing).

Attention of wearing a half clothes, a tangerine head, a summer cape

Hangars and summer haori only pay attention not to make the strings a vertical knot, but there seems to be many people who are unfamiliar with Tangee prepared for when it is cold in winter. We connect Yukata and Tangen with a single string so we first wear Yukata, layered on top of it and then use strings. Let’s proceed to the town right away if you can coolly wear it!

Ikaho is the birthplace of the towel of the inn

One in one hotel, a new face towel is prepared at the inn. It used to be a long time ago. 
It is said that Ikaho first started the service of this towel as a service. 
Ore golden hot water, if took many times the tobacco will become dyed brown. 
As it witnessed the testimonies Ikaho went back to, it was said that it was a kind of status to take a towel that was dyed brown.
In Ikaho, famous as a hot spring resort, many people are visiting for the purpose of treating diseases and promoting health. that is