About Ikaho Onsen

History of Ikaho Onsen

The hot spring of Ikaho has long been known as the famous hot spring, but there is a theory that its origin was discovered in the era of the eleventh dedenda Emperor and the same as Kusatsu Onsen was discovered by row base . Either way, it is said that hot springs are already gushing in the books of the Nanboku era era, so it is really a long hot spring from ancient times.

Origin of Ikaho

Do you know the origin of the name of Ikaho (Ikaho)?It is said that its etymology is related to being from the Ainu language squid hop (Taguruyu), related to the bamboo fish (lightning) and the burning fire (e). 
The hot water while thinking about such legend also adds a sense of taste to the trip.

Kogane no yu and Shirogane no yu

Ikaho has “Kogane no yu” and “Shirogane no yu”, but originally Ikaho’s hot spring was only “golden no yu” whose color is its characteristic. The golden hot water was called golden hot water because the iron contained in the hot water was oxidized and became a distinctive brownish color. This hot water is soft water with less irritation, warms the body from the core to encourage blood circulation, so especially for women, it has been pleased as “ko no yu”. In addition, it has been popular as a spa for a long time since it is good for medical treatment of diseases and injuries.

The hot spring of platinum was confirmed in recent years and its hot spring was rich in amount of 110 liters per minute, because the color was colorless and transparent, it was named “Shirogane no yu”.This hot water is known as good hot water for recovery after illness, recovery from fatigue, health promotion. 
Thus at Ikaho , You can now enjoy two kinds of hot water, “Golden no yu” and “Shirogane no yu.”